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  1. Suck Face

This was the last song written and recorded during the Au Contraire sessions. Was looking for one more snappy guitar rock track to balance out some of the darker, stranger material. Thinking about "Girls Got Rhythm" on Highway to Hell; the whole "girls and cars" theme so prevalent in '50s music, and how it reached a ridiculous apex with '80s hair metal.
Decided to try taking that absurdity to the next level. Almost every line ends up being entendre, whether intended or not.
Ended up liking the track, but didn't seem to fit, thematically. Cut it up in parts and bits, took the bridge and solo and threw it on Au Contraire as a 40-second snippet (Suck Face Abstract) to serve as an interlude between the first and second halves of the record.
In its entirety, I find it lyrically embarrassing but still catchy as hell.