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  1. No Rock in Paris

Co-written with friend D.B. Curtis who also produced my 1st record, Jon James & The Trashcan Fantasy Danceband.Curtis penned the initial lyrics after a trip to Paris, which he took in the wake of 9/11. Strange anti-French sentiments were aflourish in the states, as we were embroiled in the historic "Freedom Fries" fiasco. Thought it would have been a great time to release the song and ride the tide. Wrote some music and tweaked his lyrics in a couple spots to fit my melody. We actually tracked out a demo of this during the Trashcan sessions, but were getting close to wrapping mixing. Alas, I lacked the savvy or resourcefulness to flesh it out during that brief window of optimal market demand.Decided to resuscitate the song for Au Contraire. Pleased with the final version, but didn't seem to fit in scope of overall album. Thanks to Andrew Allen for the sweet drum track.Presented here for Francophiles and xenophobes alike.