A 45 for 45, or "Love Letter to a Hollow Masculine Icon" 

A question I’ve tended to ask since being absent here for quite a few moons: why even “blog?” It‘s certainly not as though there's any sort of viable business model in terms of creating and/or trying to peddle one's musical wares.

I guess the answer to that is: there are things of late that have come to capture my attention, my concern and my imagination even more than music – even as music has always been my go-to outlet. For one, I do wax nostalgic for the days when "45" referred to RPMs. Brimful of asha…

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Dyspeptic Poetry 


What if I told you
Tired of your stories?
Your rambling glories:
Piss in the wind

A locker room talker
All sniff and anxiety
Come stiffin’ society
Words all a sin

Beneath the grotesque
Poetry of your body
The rhymes runnin’ shoddy

Gilded the tower
The power grab ruthless
Policy toothless
Strategy plain

Lust for the muscle
Cap and a feather
Strap on the leather
Pull on the reign [sic]

Deep in the black
Of a smokescreen cigarette
Shadow and silhouette

Deep in the black smokescreen


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John and Don 

Promo copy for the single
@ CD Baby Store
One-eyed Fat Man (Piss In The Wind)

“I realize this whole business of people writing about themselves, promotionally, in 3rd person is all a bit preposterous,” says Benson.

So, let’s roll.

J.J. plays a fairly mean-and-loud electric guitar (although sometimes he plays it unfairly). In the parlance of repelling corporate jargon, “it’s in his wheelhouse.” Last year, he bucked that easy chair and released a marathon, intimate album of acoustically-based, lovelorn balladry…

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Doing What I Can To Save A Planet On Its Way To Hell In A Hand Basket 

Just in case you thought things here couldn’t get any more geeked-out, enter musical pseudoscience.

As I was in process writing Haberdashery Soul, I’d captured a recording on my iPhone memos and it seemed to be just slightly below (lower than) standard guitar tuning. I'm guessing my guitar had probably dropped pitch due to decreasing humidity in the winter air.

For whatever reason, I liked the vibe of it.

Little did I know I’d soon be lending my own small contribution toward the betterment of our…

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Personal Branding: Cross-contamination 

Continuing in the vein of my New Year’s Eve post, I’m gonna keep riffing on contradiction and incongruity.

Perhaps it’d be helpful to try hoisting some affirmative structure upon my usual standard lack of methodology. Outlines were a big thing in elementary school. Do they teach this nowadays? I found them infuriating, which is probably why they stuck. Anger can be a splendid motivator. Ostensibly, it could look like this:

I. Yes, as acknowledged, I understand it’s confusing that after a lifetime of…

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Finger Quotes 

Clutching At Straws drops tomorrow. I imagine it will be a largely quiet affair, and don’t think I ever really imagined it otherwise. There’s a whole lot of supplementary noise to contend with out there and, while it’s true I may suffer from intermittent bouts of logorrhea, I’ve never really been one to speak more loudly as means of getting my point across. Besides, China just landed on the dark side of the moon and I happen to understand this is infinitely more interesting. To both believers and…

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Post-Holiday Swag and the Unbounded Universe 

I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole blogging deal. To boot – with two albums recently in the marketplace – selling oneself.

I think I’ve avoided that “selling” mentality, lifelong. In fact, I’ve been so averse to it I’ve probably made counterproductive decisions, at least in terms of that ideology known as consumer capitalism. Lots of bullet holes in the feet.

Perhaps the impetus of this is the notion that, to find success in the music marketplace, there are rules that need to be followed…

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Gemini Twinkies 

I considered the blog title Two For Wednesday, but it just doesn’t have the same ring, does it? As my dad always said: “a day late and a dollar short.”

He also used to tell me I was “born late.” Which, technically I was. I arrived a week overdue, putting me squarely within the Cusp of Magic.

I don’t think his assessment of my late tendencies was rooted in any magical basis. Oh, well. Being resilient, I carry on.

I have a buddy through whom I’ve tended to vet a lot of songs over the years. He told me Rule…

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Getting Stoked 

A few days ago, I was nerding out to Smithsonian Mag and came across an article on how control of fire was a turning point in human evolution. That’s something I remember hearing about while growing up but, outside of whatever basics I might have gleaned in grade school, it was pretty cool to read just how the advent of learning to control fire had ramifications for brain development overall. The article also cites how Darwin posited fire and language as the two most significant achievements in the…

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