Jon James Is Dead

Music // One-eyed Fat Man (single - Sep '19)

One-eyed Fat Man (Piss In The Wind)

Jon James Is Dead
J.J. Benson


Now what if I told you

Tired of your stories?

Your rambling glories:

Piss in the wind


A locker room talker

All sniff and anxiety

Come stiffin’ society

Words all a sin


Beneath the grotesque

Poetry of your body

The rhymes runnin’ shoddy


Gilded the tower

The power grab ruthless

Policy toothless

Strategy plain


Lust for the muscle

Cap and a feather

Strap on the leather

Pull on the reign [sic]


Deep in the black

Of a smokescreen cigarette

Shadow and silhouette


Deep in the black smokescreen


No shirt and no shoes now

Serfs gettin’ nervous

The emperor serve us

Piss in the wind


Bold, bold talk

From a one-eyed fat man