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Music // One-eyed Fat Man (single - Sep '19)

One-eyed Fat Man (Piss In The Wind)

by Jon James Is Dead

Released 09/17/2019
Released 09/17/2019
Indie electronica -- '80s anthemic synth-rock meets traces of present-day trap beats and churns out a tidy dose of vitriol particular to the current American predicament.
  • 03:24 Lyrics One-eyed Fat Man (Piss In The Wind)

    Now what if I told you

    Tired of your stories?

    Your rambling glories:

    Piss in the wind


    A locker room talker

    All sniff and anxiety

    Come stiffin’ society

    Words all a sin


    Beneath the grotesque

    Poetry of your body

    The rhymes runnin’ shoddy


    Gilded the tower

    The power grab ruthless

    Policy toothless

    Strategy plain


    Lust for the muscle

    Cap and a feather

    Strap on the leather

    Pull on the reign [sic]


    Deep in the black

    Of a smokescreen cigarette

    Shadow and silhouette


    Deep in the black smokescreen


    No shirt and no shoes now

    Serfs gettin’ nervous

    The emperor serve us

    Piss in the wind


    Bold, bold talk

    From a one-eyed fat man

“I realize this whole business of people writing about themselves, promotionally, in 3rd person is all a bit preposterous,” says Benson.

So, let’s roll.

J.J. plays a fairly mean-and-loud electric guitar (sometimes he plays unfairly). In the parlance of repellent corporate jargon, “it’s in his wheelhouse.” Last year, he bucked that easy chair and released a marathon, intimate album of acoustic-based, lovelorn balladry (Clutching At Straws). This, quick on the heels of …
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