(So Far) Off Broadway



Cinderella girl
She dream about Hollywood
Flimsy tinsel town
Big party underground
Since she was 16
A bona fide bottle blonde
Opened all the stops
Pulled on her rubber gown

You’re so far off Broadway
Everyday, boring day Broadway

I think I heard her scowl,
"All the princes are vagabonds"
Kicked her pretty heels
And pushed ‘em to the ground
Starry-eyed and free
She beat all my rhythm down
Kitten in a cage
I dream I’m gagged and bound

Ya know you look like I should feel
They say you gotta dream to make it real
Every day I wanna beat the doldrums down
But every Cinderella story makes me wanna drown

Belladonna blue
She painted up like a clown
Princess of the ball
Merry-go-round and round

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