Jon James Is Dead

Music // Clutching At Straws (2019)


Jon James Is Dead
J.J. Benson




Do well and remember that I’ve been just as wounded as you – detached from the love of the universe and drifting out in this emptiness. Half-hearted hell.

I let you rule that November with some pain I pretended was truth. Punch-drunk. Never-ending bender. You: shifting. Empty. Full. Push or pull. Hardly could tell.

Rip, rip, rip open this heart. Expand. Did you want a man? Or just indifference? Whatchu gonna understand with all of that cold defense, Violet?


Oh, it ain’t like I need ya.

You came, rekindled an ember; brought a fire to this belly anew. All of the old weight… tired burdens were lifted. Tasted like happiness, or some such spell.

But to you – oh, I’d never speak a word untrue. I was rubbed raw, bleeding, blue. Screwed my mind up and tweaked me out. Blitzkrieg, then an instant blackout. You hit me like a perfect fit.


Nothing come of the investment plan

Surrender my demand

A pauper on a pittance

Wrote a script and it was panned by her cool audience