Jon James Is Dead

Music // Clutching At Straws (2019)

The New Math Lament

Jon James Is Dead
J.J. Benson


And so she left me

And there she was
Evening coffee in the doorway
Naked as a jaybird
And she shook me
And I took her to the bedroom
Where I felt the veil drop from my vision
From the telly
From the radio
From the digital intrusion
From the zero to the one
But she raised my amazement

And she might have been kinder
Might have been lukewarm, at least
Night of the sidewinder
Night of the fatal bite
Night of the dark releasing
From the hell of a dreamscape video
To the electrical infusion

A taste of the poison
Between her double-dealin’ teeth
Where she shimmy
Pin me down beneath
Where I felt the alchemy
Of a nervous system
Oh — she shut me out
She shut me down
Looked in her eyes
And then I kissed ‘em
From the six
To the nine
To the side
From the one to the great divide
Fully intact to open wide