Jon James Is Dead

Music // Clutching At Straws (2019)

Sailor's Son

Jon James Is Dead
J.J. Benson


Was a bun from a broken oven
Son of a gun, too down for lovin'
Labor pains
Out of the womb, sold into slavery
Matter of fact, no knack for bravery
Lazy brains
Must admit misfit to mingle
Dragged to the dock, locked up
In jingle-jangle chains
Packed onto a ship gone sailin'
Declared a prayer for all my failin'
All my stains
But I ain't got no complaints

I'm like a monkey man, stranded
Ain't no sight of dry land
Let the waves alone decide
No tide to wash me shore side
The ship done flipped
The junk got dunked
Whole damn trip defunct
Here I am
One lonesome punk with no catamaran
Out here swearing
Like a sailor's son

Admiral of a one man navy
Master of a steadfast maybe
And all's quiet on the ocean
Save for the din of dumb emotion
I flirt with fate
Rectify my name Confucius
Lucifer, I heard you're ruthless
Float and wait
Jesus Christ, I'm shark bait
Twice as many transgressions as vices
A reprobate
How do you make the crooked straight?

Is it surprising?
There ain't no disguising
Sad-faced clown busted all his balloons

Guess I'll be out here a spell
Better find a cheap hotel
Hey now, Ahab, what's it to you?
I just do how my daddy do
And I do it well
Hitch a ride on a leisure liner
Or take an easy swim to China
Call my bluff
Sudden squall, the walls are cavin'
Second rate mate, ain't worth savin'
And that truth is tough
I ain't never been smart enough

Lonesome boy from Illinois
That's the real McCoy
And there ain't no sea
Just a river in me
And some misty history
Twisted heart on hobbled knee
Pullin' hard for victory
So here I am, deliverin' my plea
With a whisper

My fair liver, she's a-failin'
Firewater needs a-bailin'
Lovely ladies all a-wailin'
When they finally drive the nail in
Suit and tie will come in handy
And I'll don 'em like a dandy
Call the tailor
Crack the brandy
Have one for the sailor

Sailor's son