Jon James Is Dead

Music // Clutching At Straws (2019)


Jon James Is Dead
J.J. Benson


Crash into this apartment
On the Northeast end
Sleepless between cold sheets
Thinkin' of ladyfriend
Trains and trucks always haulin'
Horns and whistles blow
I touched her face
And viciously everything came aglow

Can you feel it rise?

Wanted the violent rapture
Or so I used to think
She turn me on so much more
With just a subtle wink
So long the night seemed broken
But then she made it mend
Don't know what I was smokin'
But felt it all ascend

I tell you mistress, you're some looker
Pulse is poundin' in this pressure cooker
Muscle, tenderizing
Buzzsaw, all this courtship hustle
Goddamn deep you cut me woman
Yeah, I got a coat full

So, mistress
Do you want to buy a watch
From Mr. Petty Crime?
I hear he lives underwater
Enjoys doin' the time
Got dunked in her aquarium
Breathed in and took a drink
Gracefully inked
Some skin was pale
Some of the other, pink