Jon James Is Dead

Music // Clutching At Straws (2019)

Boy In The Bubble

Jon James Is Dead
J.J. Benson


Honey, if your mind can tackle it
I’ll appetize you with some hype
My conception was immaculate
Go on and put that in your pipe

Well, my conception was deliberate
For carryin’ on the family name
I guess you could consider it
A gamble or a guessing game
I was lackin' in immunity
Disease spreadin' far and wide
Baptized me into the community
And then they locked me up inside
Pet project of my physician
Ticket to his fortune and fame
But I’m sendin’ him out a-fishin’
Skunkin’ his appetite for acclaim

The boy in the bubble

Now, my momma, she goosed and she coddled me
She know I’ll never be athletic
I’m ponderin’ Zeus and Aristotle
Refinin’ my sense of right aesthetic
Thinkin’ somehow I could jettison
The intervention of my medic
Mixin’, matchin’ medicine
But nothing can relieve me of this headache

The boy in the bubble
Ain't no cure

It’s a world full of limited choices
All the blind white noise – insanity
Ricochet of my echoin’ voice
Is shootin’ holes in my juvenile vanity

Outside there’s war and even more
I’m growin’ hungry for distraction
All this sterility, such a bore
Longin’ to contaminate myself with action
All of my young life I’ve been tortured
By the wiles of feminine beauty
Tied up down in this apple orchard
Never pickin’ no fruit – too bound by my duty
Thinkin’ right up until recently
The compulsion would abate
Takin’ all my common decency
And I’m checkin’ at the gate
(I’m breakin’ out)

The boy in the bubble
Ain’t no cure
No, no

Honey, did you know
I play the rubber band?
I’m the original plastic man
And I’m crackin’