Jon James Is Dead

Music // Au Contraire (2010)

Snake Oil (Beautiful Delusion)

Jon James


Honey, I got my eye on that snake oil
Pie in the sky
Don't ever stop to wonder why I want it
Or how I'm gonna get it
But if it sings like a siren
I can feel the tingle and taunt
I'm whipped
I covet
Good God, I love it
A beautiful delusion

Honey, I think of heaven
I think of dyin'
Feels like there's no use tryin' to make it
Better best to fake it
So while I'm livin' this jones
Well, I might as well gratify my lonesome bones
Compulsion pulls me

Momma, don't waste your time on that nursery rhyme
Daddy, I toe your line a cripple at best
Honey, don't take a stance, miracle or chance
Lover, don't waste your breath
There ain't nothin' left