Jon James Is Dead

Music // Au Contraire (2010)

Disclaimer: Introducing Mr. Tenacity

Jon James


Tiny little babies since the day that we're born
Broken world is heaving
Heaping on it's scorn
Clumsy little fingers
Tryin' to make their way through the black & white traffic lights
Dyin' to find what's true
I'm a blind navigator
Stone deaf diplomat
Throwin' one liners
All of 'em fallin' flat
Thought I saw the future
An infernal brilliant blast
Tryin' to fathom all the fallout
Looked a whole lot like the past
Every foolish thing I've said
Stupid things I still could
Don't even scratch the surface of how much I've misunderstood
Paved it all with good intention
But the road to hell is crude
Prayer and confession: bring me strength and gratitude
Everyday I live only to die a little more
Don't go a-worryin' 'bout me, lady
Got all my aimless plans in store
Fix your heart upon the children
It's them I worry most about
The fall of Rome is comin'
They're gonna have to learn to do
Today I couldn't wake up
Pull myself from bed
Rain clouds in the attic
A thunderstorm ahead
They say you gotta be tenacious
Pull your boots up by the straps
Bent my body over
Felt the blood rush
Thought I might collapse