Jon James Is Dead

Music // Au Contraire (2010)

Crash Car Superstar

Jon James


Since the black lights, black lies
Were cocked and cast
In a carnival of ultraviolet bombast
God said, "think fast, and good luck with all those booby traps"
While all the angels upon high were sniffin' laughing gas

But everything can change

Now maybe you're all liars, and life's a sham
The lunatics all rule the world
Personal bedlam
Now we're stealing from Allah to pay Uncle Sam
And I'm such a cynical fan
Don't even give a damn

But everything can change in the beat of a broken heart

One and all are holding out against all hope
Such a staggering cherade
These cocksure patsies on parade
All these pills could never kill that pain
We're all bursting at the seams
With a billion stupid dreams

But everything will change
When I hijack a plane for the entertainment
Plead insane
I'll grab some jailbait debutante
Let her blow my brains
Goin' top of the pops on the chopping block
Get my fifteen fame
Crashin' that car like a superstar going down in flames