Jon James Is Dead

Music // Au Contraire (2010)

Blip on the Radar

Jon James


Listen up schoolboys and fancy lasses
When it comes to my sense of humor
Slower than molasses
Let's dispel all the vicious rumor
Well, I've tried to resist all the twists and turns
All the usual diminishing returns
Gravity no longer concerns me
Flyin' outta here in a hurry

Just an idiot stiff
On a one way trip to a dead end
Burned out star
So don't flip me no looks
I won't give you no lip
Just a blip on your radar

Well, your beauty pageant, I won't win it
Ain't never been that sophisticated
They say a sucker born every minute
A sitting duck easily persuaded
Been tryin' to tweak all the gears and springs
All the black magic behind angels' wings
Ropes, pulleys and yo-yo strings
I'm flyin' outta here in a hurry

Every day another tired cliche
Outta die anyways
Let's separate affliction from the facts
C'mon killer
Thrill me on impact

I got one in chamber and one in the clip
Just a dimwit slob on an inside job
To a neat, clean suicide ride
Yes, I are
Gonna make it real quick
Better hope I don't slip