Jon James Is Dead

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Trespassing & Indecent Exposure

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Jon James Is Dead
J.J. Benson


A fifth of whiskey at the liquor store
Sipped some and parked along the private shore
Said I’ll show you mine if you show me yours
Slid off your bra, and I undid my drawers

Ran from the car, a couple laughing fools
Nip in the fall night, frost on the family jewels
I skipped two stones across the water top
Then took a plunge, a five-star belly flop

I fell into this
And indecent exposure

Drivin’ down Lake Street in our birthday suits
Except for your mittens and my Chelsea boots
Flippin’ off all the traffic, two kids in cahoots
You mooned the taxi driver, showed him your attributes

I felt the blush, started to immolate
I felt the heart blood rushing through the gate
And when we fumbled, came to consummate
Which of love’s rules did we violate?

I fell into you
And indecent exposure

Still all that sparkle, all that mischief in your eye
All the sheer wonder never cease to mystify
Your infinite mind, each constellation in the sky
My consolation when I’m lost and need to cry

I reminisce about the private shore
I loved you then; today, I love you more
We bared our souls, fought our fair share of wars
So much more naked now, so much more to adore

I fell into you
And indecent exposure

Into you